Using our Deck 104, we have produced a fantastic trick with no sleight of hand needed and no deck changes.

This mind-bending card trick defies logic and leaves audiences spellbound. It begins innocently enough: a spectator selects a card from a vibrant red deck, their choice seemingly arbitrary amidst the sea of cards. With a flick of the wrist, the magician spreads the deck on the table, inviting scrutiny. But wait—where is the chosen card? It has vanished, leaving a void in the deck’s crimson landscape.

But fear not, for the magic is far from over. The magician reaches into their pocket, retrieving a phone case or wallet, seemingly unrelated to the deck. Yet, nestled within its confines lies the missing card, now transformed. Its once-red back has transformed into a mesmerizing shade of blue, a visual testament to the impossibility of the moment.

With a sense of anticipation hanging in the air, the magician places the transformed card back onto the deck. And in an instant, the impossible becomes reality as every card in the deck follows suit, mirroring the identity of the chosen card. What was once a deck of diverse faces and colours is now a symphony of uniformity, each card echoing the spectator’s chosen card in perfect harmony.

But the spectacle doesn’t end there, the magician places the blue card atop the deck. Suddenly, a ripple of transformation sweeps through the cards, each one mirroring the chosen card’s identity. The sea of red is replaced by an ocean of blue, an illusion so convincing it defies explanation.

And just when it seems the mystery has reached its peak, the magician removes the chosen card from the deck, returning it to its original colour and restoring the deck to its diverse array of colours and identities.

This trick is more than just sleight of hand; it’s a symphony of illusion, a testament to the artistry and imagination of the magician. The audience is left pondering the secrets of the impossible forever captivated by the magic in their midst.

This purchase includes: The gimmick deck (in red) along with one gimmick card.