Using our Deck 104, we have created a wonderful illusion which is capable of multiple outcomes that will leave spectators in awe.

Imagine a card trick that begins with a simple act of memorization but escalates into a breathtaking spectacle of transformation and wonder.

A red deck is put before a spectator, who is invited to memorize a card, its unique identity etched into their mind. The magician clicks his fingers and in an instant, the entire deck undergoes a miraculous change—the back of every card turns green, and the faces of all 52 cards transform into the Joker. Amidst the sea of Jokers, the spectator’s chosen card has vanished without a trace.

The magician, smiling knowingly, reaches into his pocket and produces a single card. It’s the spectator’s card, but it too has changed—its back is now green, matching the transformed deck. The magician’s prowess is evident, yet the trick is far from over.

Needing to restore normalcy, the magician prepares for the final act. He holds the spectator’s card, still green, between his lips. With a theatrical pause, he clicks his fingers once more. The audience watches in awe as the green deck shifts back to its original red colour, each card reverting to its distinct identity.

For the finale, the magician removes the card from his lips. The green back has miraculously turned red again, seamlessly blending back into the deck as if nothing had ever changed.

This trick is a masterclass in misdirection and transformation, leaving spectators spellbound by the seamless transitions and the magician’s seemingly effortless control over the deck. Each phase of the trick builds on the last, culminating in a spectacular finish that reaffirms the magic of the moment.

This purchase includes: The gimmick deck along with 12 gimmick cards.